How do I sell my house for the most money?

If you want to sell your house or flat for the most money you need to put in the work that other vendors aren’t! Most people will look around their home to decide what needs doing and then try to declutter and tidy before it goes up for sale, but they’re missing other steps that will make them money. Treat this like a business transaction and start deciding how to make it as appealing as possible to buyers. Mentally moving on to your next home is also useful when you’re viewing properties and you’ll have a honed eye for finding fault!

Let’s take this in steps:

Fix EVERYTHING – anything that’s broken is a red flag to a buyer and the first thing they’ll want to do is knock down the price. Make a list of everything from cracked tiles, to dripping taps and sticky wardrobe doors and either fix it yourself or hire someone to do it. Don’t just concentrate inside at this point as a dripping gutter or uneven patio slab will be just as noticeable.

Improve – is the stair carpet looking worn or the bathroom vinyl seen better days? Kitchen cupboard doors are often a good investment if they’re looking tired and the main cupboards are still sound. Is the paintwork in some rooms looking really tired? You want to present your property at its best and buyers are going to deduct money for everything they think they’ll need to replace or do.

Declutter – buyers are easily distracted by photographs, ornaments and any surface that looks full. You don’t want to completely de-personalise your house but think show home presentation and tidy away as much as possible. Buyers will want to see inside wardrobes and cupboards so make sure they’re no more than half full, so they can see the available space.

Show each room’s purpose – if you have a dining room make sure it has a table, even if that’s not the way you usually use it. The same goes for bedrooms, so if one of them is more of a storage area for you then either put a bed in it or show it as an office. If a room looks purposeless then buyers will tend to forget it and your house will seem smaller.

Kerb appeal – Stand outside and take a good look at the front of your property. Does it looks neat and tidy or is there work to do? You want the garden to look as attractive as possible so if you’re not green fingered invest in a gardener to tidy it up and plant some flowers. If you have paving does it need a clean? The same goes for gates, which musn’t squeak, and front doors. If your dustbin is usually stored at the front can it go somewhere out of site whilst you’re selling?

Deep clean – everything needs to be spotless for viewers so either get busy or hire a cleaner for a few hours. They’ll have everything polished to perfection and then you just need to keep it that way…

Know your buyer – what kind of buyer is going to be attracted to your property? Busy family, professional couple? This is important for the finishing touches for viewings as you portray your home as the one that offers their ideal lifestyle.

Finishing touches for viewings

This bit really can make you money and is so often overlooked. Most viewers are only going to spend a few minutes making their decision so EVERY room needs to shout that this is the one for them. Let’s take it room by room:

Living room – Keep most surfaces clear and take down photos as most viewers will be distracted by them. Flowers not only look appealing but will give the room a great smell.

Dining room – lay the table with mats, some attractive plates and glasses. You want to show how good this room will look when they have friends over, think aspirational!

Bedrooms – dress them for their purpose so master bedrooms should look neat and tranquil. A toy box could be a good investment to keep children’s rooms tidy, but   leave a couple of toys out to make the room inviting.

Kitchen – Clear away as much as possible from the worktops and leave out a few key props. Bottles of olive oil, attractively filled fruit bowls and a bottle of red wine with 2 glasses in front all sell a lifestyle that most viewers will find appealing.

Bathroom – invest in a set of new towels for your next home but only use them for viewings at this stage. Tidy away shampoo and soap dispensers and bring out the set you’ve bought for viewings. Molton Brown products are usually in attractive bottles, but think luxury hotel and you’ll get the idea. The bathroom is one of the most studied rooms so make sure it’s sparkling and sells the lifestyle you’re portraying. Make sure you tidy away everything as soon as the viewings are over so they're not used!

Other rooms – don’t ignore cloakrooms, conservatories and hallways. Every space matters so make them all as attractive as possible.

Finally it’s not all about the visuals, you want the house to smell great too. Fresh coffee might be a cliché but it does make a property smell great! Vanilla candles and fresh flowers are also good but avoid air fresheners as they’re often far too strong.

Ready to go? Ask us to come over and see if we can suggest anything more to get to your ideal value.

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