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More and more of us are converting the spare room into a home office. Part of this trend has grown out of the popularity of desktop computers but also the increasing number of people working from home.

According to the Daily Mail, a home office is one of the first things that many home buyers look for when they are viewing a property. The first choice for many who want to convert an area of the home is the box room. That means, we need to focus on how to store and organise this small space effectively so that everything we need from an office is at hand.

Home Office IdeasTake Your Home Office Seriously
The first thing to do is decide what you want to do from your home office. If you are planning just to do the odd bit of work every so often, you probably won’t need to spend too much time and money on it.

However, if you are going to be working regularly out of this space, you need to design it properly. That means first decluttering and getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong there, yes that means moving the holiday draw, your wedding apparel from the old wardrobe and being ruthless with your decluttering. If the room is small try to stay away from dark walls and furniture, one feature wall in a dark colour can look very effective, whatever your tastes make this room somewhere you really want to spend time.

Choosing a Desk and Chair
There are plenty of options available both instore and online, so you should be able to find a desk that suits your needs. If you spend a lot of time in the office, you could opt for a standing desk area which will help keep you fitter and more active (though it’s not to everyone’s liking).

The chair is going to be one of your most important buys and you should ensure that it is both comfortable and supportive – it’s worth paying extra money for something that is going to last and do the job properly. A word of caution from experience. Many decide to lay a hard floor in their new office space, it make sense a hard floor is easier to keep clean and can last longer. If you opt for hard floor invest in a protect matting to avoid scratches from the chair legs or wheels.

Shelving and Storage
For small spaces, you need to utilise as much of the space around you as possible. That’s going to include having the right shelving in place where you can store what you need. Obviously, you don’t want to put in storage space that is going to reduce the size of your office too much and make it feel cramped place to work. There must be a nice compromise.

Personalise Your Space
None of us really want to work in an office that seems bland and unattractive. Having a space that reflects you and your personality is also good for productivity. That could mean introducing items like family photos as well as art work that says something to you and do include your certifications and awards, it is an office after all these achievements are very motivating.

Use the all the natural light that you can and don’t forget to introduce some greenery – plants not only improve the atmosphere they connect you with the natural world while you’re sat in front of all that technology.

Go Wireless as Much as Possible
Whether you’re using a desktop pc or a laptop, those wires can become something of an issue, especially in a small office. The good news is that you can go almost completely wireless nowadays, so when you’re buying for the home office bear this in mind. For unavoidable wires, desks are available with hidden trays underneath to keep wires together. Printers can be a big space problem so the new wireless variety are a good investment.

The more thought you put into creating your office space, the more you are likely to want to get in there and do some work. It’s also a great selling point when you decide to sell your house because it seems that everyone is looking for a potential home office in their new home.
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