Government to unveil new code of conduct for landlords

Following the findings and recommendations of a Government committee inquiry into the Private Rented Sector, an announcement will be made today at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester about a new tenant’s charter.

This will mean that private renters will in future be able to demand rental agreements of up to five years as part of a new code of conduct for landlords.

The Communities Secretary Eric Pickles will unveil a 'tenants' charter' designed to put pressure on landlords to provide renters with greater long-term security.

The new measures will encourage longer fixed-term, family-friendly tenancies and raise standards in the private rented sector, according to Eric Pickles.

Tenants will be able to request longer tenancies that provide stability for their family, avoid hidden fees when renting a home and demand a fair deal from their landlords and letting agents.

Mr Pickles said the government is determined to match support for home ownership with steps to improve the rental market, without strangling the sector with unnecessary rules and red tape.

A new package of measures will ensure sensible reforms are made to the sector, so tenants can get the best deal when they rent a home.

A model tenancy agreement, developed with the sector, will clearly set out the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords, and provide the rental market with an industry benchmark for written tenancy agreements.

Full details of Tenant?s Charter

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