Getting you moving!

Lots of people decided to wait until after the referendum to move. Are you still undecided if this is the right moment?
Let's talk through the potential issues.

Is now the right time?

A lot of people told us they were postponing their move until after the referendum as there wasn't much choice of property to buy.
Now the decision has been made, and since leaving the European Union is probably 2 years away, people will start to get on with their moves. A lot of families are keen to move before the start of the school year, so there should be a good variety of property coming onto the market.


Does my property need repairs before I sell?

This all depends on your timescales and the price you're hoping to get.
Walk around your home and make notes about what needs fixing, decorating or just de-cluttering to make it more appealing.
Remember what made you want to buy it and also think about what's important to you in your next home.
If you're a busy family then it's likely your buyer will be the same. If you'd be put off by the repairs needed then it's worth getting them fixed.

Need some help deciding what's essential, what could make you more money and some presentation tips?
Invite us around to give an impartial view of what needs doing and speed up the process.

I think I'm too busy at the moment!

If your new baby is due any moment, you're changing jobs and helping a friend build their house then maybe you're right!
However ask yourself if you're really going to be less busy in the near future or if like I was you're just putting it off?

We have some great tips and shortcuts to save you time preparing for a sale, just ask!
If one of the issues is how much time it will take to fix everything then consider investing in a handyman for a day.
They'll whizz through all those sticking doors, cracked tiles and other niggles you've been living with for years.

Worried about the effort of keeping the house tidy for viewings and endlessly picking up the kids' toys?
We can hold an open day instead, which also creates a real buzz about the property as viewers realise they have competition!


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