Beautiful Spring Fabrics and Perfect Pastels

Spring is a great time to give your home a lift. You can make a big change by introducing some new fabrics for your soft furnishings like the curtains, sofa throws, and fresh duvet sets or decide to redecorate with interesting pastel paints for the walls. It’s a good opportunity to get in tune with Mother nature and settle on a palette that defines your home the months to come.

There are plenty of choices on the high street and online if you want to create a décor that feels fresh and light to lift your spirits after the long winter months.

Beautiful Spring Fabrics and Perfect Pastels

Changing Your Décor
The first thing you’ll probably want to look at is the colour of your walls. Go for light, airy pastel colours if you want to create an open, fresh design that really reflects the season.

According to House Beautiful, however, ice cream colours are also in vogue this year and they can certainly add a good deal of character to any room. Expect to see what are called gelato colours in vibrant pinks, violets and oranges when you pop down to the DIY store. Combine these with ornaments, vases and furniture with more subtle pastel hues and you can completely transform any location.

If ice cream colours are a little too much for you, light blues and indigoes are also a good choice and look great all year round. Combining your colour combinations with plenty of greenery and leafy house plants also not only keeps the air fresh but adds a little definition to corners and larger rooms. The traditional hues are still available, of course, and greys and soft ochres are a good choice if you want to maintain a certain subtlety.

Spring Fabrics
Do away with the heavy duvet and the quilted covers – it’s time to swap for light cottons and linens that feel cool whatever the temperature. You can use your fixtures and furnishing to add to your wall colour choices. That can include your carpets and other flooring, but some great effects are available if you offset places like the sofa and bed with good fabric choices.

If you’ve had heavy curtains hanging over the windows during the winter, it might be time to switch to something a lot airier and which allows the light from outside to seep through. Stores like Marks and Spencer’s have a whole range of different curtains that are perfect for spring and summer and outlets such as Dunelm have ready made as well as made to measure choices that can be bought online.

If you are looking for something more modern and striking, whether it’s for curtains or that sofa throw or even a duvet cover, The Swedish Fabric Company has a wide selection to suit almost any taste.

While the ice cream colour trend is popular with fabrics too, you might want to temper things with more toned down colours. The textile company Calico Laine have a range of funky colours as well as cool mint, pink and lemon hues to choose from.

The key to creating a beautiful Spring décor is planning. Start with the walls and flooring. After that you can build in all those interesting fabrics and pastels to create a space that really feels fresh and alive.