6 tips to transform your kitchen before you sell

Most buyers care about kitchens more than any other room in the house. At first glance they'll decide if they love it, can live with it or want to rip it out and start again (and adjust their offer accordingly...)

If you're worried that your kitchen could be dragging down your asking price then try the tips below which won't break the bank:

1 - Paint your units

Didn't think this was possible?
Kitchen unit paint has improved so much you can get a really good finish on many surfaces. 
Just google or look on Youtube for some great examples of what you can do.
A tired looking kitchen can be transformed by painting units white or the ever popular grey or sage. 

2 - Change cupboard handles and drawer knobs

Just changing the handles can really brighten the room and give the kitchen a clean look. Take a stroll around your local DIY store to get an idea of the dizzying array of options. There are online stores dedicated to cupboard handles so you'll be spoilt for choice.

3 - Fablon and D-C-Fix

Have you encountered sticky backed plastic? If you're of a certain age, and somehow I do seem to be, you'll remember Fablon. What you might not know is that these products have had a huge come back over the last few years into products that can be used to cover cupboard fronts, drawers and even worktops. If you cupboard surfaces aren't ideal for painting then one of these products could be the answer. They're very hard wearing and can be used to cover worktops too, far cheaper than replacing. Have a look online and prepare to be amazed...

4 - Flooring

A worn floor is always going to catch the eye of your buyer and a piece of vinyl is usually the cheapest and quickest solution.
Vinyl will cover most surfaces, is available in so many colours and patterns and will make your kitchen look far newer. 

5 - Stick on tiles

Are the wall tiles really dating your kitchen? Certain patterns and decorations on tiles become associated with different periods and can mean buyers date the whole kitchen even if you've replaced some elements.
If replacing the tiles is looking too expensive then take a look at stick on tiles.
There's a lot of choice and you can change the look of your kitchen very quickly.
Just make sure anything you put near a hob is rated for the temperature. 

6 - Lighting 

Is your kitchen bright and light or a little dark and dingy? Make the most of natural light but also take a look at your bulbs. 
A brighter, daylight bulb could really help. If you've got strip lights then take a look at the newer ranges as they look so much better than the older more yellow bulbs that often flicker. 

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