6 Signs That Mean You’re Ready To Move

Moving house can seem like a daunting task at times – but it can also be an incredibly exciting opportunity. Before you get to that stage though, you’ve got to make the decision that it’s time to move on from your current property. The problem is, you might not always associate those little niggles with the need to move house. That’s why we’ve put together this little guide, with the most common symptoms you might feel when there’s a house move in your future.


You’ve Become Billy No Mates

If you’re looking around and suddenly notice that your friends have moved further afield, you might feel a bit of a pang. Different life stages will always mean that friends move around, and one of the more understated reasons for moving is the desire to be closer to your friendship group. Even if it’s just as far as the next town, it could make all the difference to your quality of life.


It’s A Tight Squeeze

It’s the classic reason. You start opening cupboards to put things away and find there’s no room. You’re struggling to find homes for your newest purchases. Or maybe you’re expecting a child, but you don’t have a spare inch to fit a cot? Whatever the reason, your current home feels tighter than a pair of speedos, and you’re debating whether it’s worth putting the treadmill in the bathroom to make room for that new dressing table. If you find yourself needing more room, then upsizing is definitely in your future.


The Commute Is Grinding

That two-hour commute isn’t getting any easier, is it? As time goes on, what was once a simple drive in is becoming a grind, and you wonder why you don’t just live closer to where you work. This is another really common reason to relocate, and means you could be spending more of your time outside of work enjoying yourself and spending time with your family, instead of spending it under the roof of your car.


Money, Money, Money!

Maybe you’ve lived where you are a while and, in that time, you’ve climbed the corporate ladder a bit.  Now, once your bills and other monthly payments are done, you’re finding you’ve still got money to spare. At the rate that house prices are going up, those extra pennies could be well spent on a bigger house in a nicer area.


It Used To Be Nice Here

New places always have a certain shine about them, but after a while, it seems to fade. It might be that the neighbourhood has started to go downhill, or maybe you’re just noticing things around you that irritate you a lot more now. Either way, if you find yourself snarling at the steering wheel as you drive around, or sighing as you remember what a nice neighbourhood this used to be, a change of scenery might be exactly what you need.


Kids Have Flown The Nest

It feels like only yesterday you were bringing them home, but now those eight-pound bundles of joy have all grown up and flown the nest to start lives of their own. Now, you have less washing to do, more space in the fridge and a few spare bedrooms as well. That’s all great, but doesn’t the house feel… quieter now? It feels bigger. Too big, in fact. Now, you start looking at downsizing to something cosier, and spending that extra money you gain from lower monthly payments on holidays, new cars or just a slightly nicer house to spend the time in.


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