5 Delicious Summer Recipes

If you’re feeling a little adventurous now that Summer is here and the weather is warmer, changing what you cook can be a delicious way to start off the new season. While Winter is great for those traditional bubbling stews and hearty soups, Summer is exactly the right time to put away your slow cooker and switch to something bold and exciting.

The good news is there are plenty of resources online that specialise in mouth-watering Summer cuisines. Here are 5 tasty and simple recipes you could be making for all the family:

  1. Hot smoked salmon salad with a chilli lemon dressing

We all know that salmon is good for us, listed as one of the “Superfoods”, salmon certainly should be a staple for the Summer dinner table. It’s got plenty of omega 3 and this particular dish only takes 30 minutes to prepare. For those wanting to add a little spice, the chilli lemon dressing is excellent and can be used for a wide variety of main courses. The perfect meal with a glass of white wine on a warm evening.

Find the recipe and cooking instructions here.

2. Spiced carrots with yogurt

More and more of us are moving to a vegetarian diet. While most recipes revolve around cheese and pasta, there’s a lot more to tempt your taste buds. This recipe with carrots and yogurt not only looks colourful and tasty, it’s full of vital nutrients and takes little or no time to prepare. Great for a mid-day snack.

You can find the recipe in Delicious Magazine.

3. Prawns and spinach pesto salad

Pasta is a staple of many family households but if you want to spice things up a bit then you should try it with this pesto salad. Should you not like prawns or shrimps, you can swap for chicken. Homemade pesto tastes much better than the stuff you buy in the shops and this recipe is brilliantly easy to make. If you’re a fan and love the taste and texture, you can make up a big batch and use it throughout the week.

The recipe is available on Cooking Light.

4. Steak with spicy mustard and spring greens

A big juicy steak contains practically all the nutrients you could need in a day and it’s the perfect meat for a Summer evening or afternoon barbecue. This recipe is as simple as you can get and the addition of all those greens makes it a healthy boost for any occasion.

This recipe is courtesy of Bon Appetite.

5. Lamb with a pine nut and garlic crust

Another meat that works brilliantly in Summer recipes is lamb and there are plenty of recipes out there to choose from. This one uses a pine nut and garlic crust along with a tarragon gnocchi. If you’re looking to impress with guests, this is a really simple x-factor recipe to try and is not as difficult as you might think.

A sumptuous dish from Great British Chefs, that’s well worth a try.