2 in 3 consumers have not heard of a green or net zero mortgage

Graphic with statistic about green mortgage awareness.

Green Mortgages – A Hidden Opportunity for Homeowners

  • Just one in 7 consumers has been offered a green or net zero mortgage product, while two-thirds have not heard of them, according to new research released by the Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB).
  • Green mortgages reward owners for owning an energy efficient home, either through favourable terms such as a slightly lower interest rate or via cashback on approval.
  • The proportion of consumers willing to pay more and not willing to pay more for a green mortgage was fairly evenly balanced.
  • The number of green mortgage products is set to increase. The MAB found just 1 in 4 lenders (based on 69 lenders) currently offer a product. 88% of those that don’t, have plans to do so.

Source; Dataloft, Mortgage Advice Bureau, based on respondents who have bought a property or remortgaged in last 18 months