Spotlight on Newcastle

Wed 27 May 2020

Newcastle has a rich history dating back almost 2,000 years and is still today a northern powerhouse, a truly international city with lots of great things to do and also lots of opportunities.

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Self-Care While Staying at Home

Mon 18 May 2020

During these strange times it is important to dedicate some time just to yourself, as although we are staying at home, life can still seem a little hectic.

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3 Upcycling Projects for Children

Fri 24 Apr 2020

We take a look at some fun upclycling projects for all to enjoy at home, from paper mache masks to toilet roll rockets.

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What Impact Has Covid-19 had to Planet Earth? #EarthDay

Wed 22 Apr 2020

We take a look at what impact Covid-19 has had to planet earth and what lessons it could teach us about our carbon footprint.

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How to Apply for a 3 Month Mortgage Payment Holiday

Fri 17 Apr 2020

We look at the mortgage holiday systems and give details on how to apply for them.

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Exercising While at Home

Thu 09 Apr 2020

Tips and advice to hopefully motivate you into exercising whilst at home.

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How to Organise an Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Tue 07 Apr 2020

Tips on how to organise a successful Easter Egg hunt at home.

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Information for Landlords around COVID-19

Tue 07 Apr 2020

We have rounded up the latest guidance for landlords from the Government to help keep you up to date in the current landscape.

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Maintaining Mental Health Whilst Staying At Home

Fri 03 Apr 2020

Tips for maintaining your mental health whilst we stay at home.

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Home Schooling Tips

Mon 30 Mar 2020

Here are a few handy tips to get the best from home schooling whilst also being able to carry out your day-to-day work activities.

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