Romance Your Home This Valentine’s

February 12, 2018

It is easy to introduce some romance into your home for Valentine’s Day. All you need are a few strategically placed candles and softly playing music and you will transform the ambiance in a matter of a few minutes. However, if you want to create a more permanent romantic setting, look at introducing some lovely heart shaped furnishings. From Italian bookcases and shapely mirrors to gorgeous cushions and luxurious furniture, there’s plenty of choice online and instore.

Romance Your Home This Valentine’s

Heart Shaped Shelves

Combining sculptural Italian elegance with a functional use, this blood red Cuore bookcase designed by Roberto Corazzo is a stunning romantic addition to any home. The bookcase itself is a moulded heart shape with shelves supporting a smaller, white heart below it. You can customise the piece with different colours and sizes, but the red and white unit featured on the website work together perfectly. At a little over €6,000 it’s probably beyond many household budgets. You don’t have to put such a big dent in your bank balance if you want to give your home décor a more romantic twist. Matalan produce a rustic heart wall shelf that will look great on any wall.

Heart Shaped Mirrors

Woodpecker Interiors sell a range of different heart shaped mirrors that span from the quirky and unique to the more traditional designs. If you want something that really reflects your heart’s desire (see what we did there?) a visit to the Chandelier and Mirror Company might be in order. Then there’s the chic and decorative Melody Maison with a range of filigree mirrors and even a heart shaped, wall mounted, toilet roll holder.

Heart Shaped Cushions

When creating a romantic setting, soft furnishings are key. This stunning heart shaped rose cushion from Wilko will make a great centrepiece, especially if surrounded by more traditional cushions or pillows. You can go one step further and add a personal touch, this Personalised Heart Shaped Cushion from The Gift Experience allows you to add names and a personal message, like the date you met or your wedding date. Now that is romantic!

Heart Shaped Rugs

Heart shaped rugs seem to be very popular and a quick online search will produce a variety of sizes, fabrics and colours to choose from. However, we particularly liked this elegant heart themed door mat from Amara, the topiary hearts in neutral colours adds a more subtle hint of romance, whilst serving a practical purpose too.

Handmade Heart Furniture

Some of the best places to find heart shaped furnishings that really stand out from the norm are small suppliers and home-based craft businesses. One of these is Red Thumb Print which has designed an elegant heart shaped side table. The company is based in Lancashire and produces bespoke pieces of furniture for customers.

If you’re after handmade and original heart home furnishing designs, the best place to look is on craft sales sites like Etsy. There are thousands of options for everything from lights and cushions to tables and wall hangings.

Romance Means Elegance

Of course, romance doesn’t have to be all about heart shapes. Combining clean, light colours and airy fabrics can instantly transform your décor. It’s all about creating the right romantic ambiance for you. Chairs with French court style legs or a luxurious four-poster bed can really add a good deal of decadence and give you the romantic style you’re looking for.

A few final tips for romancing your home, try draping soft sheer fabrics from the ceiling to create a very unique setting, or add dried flowers and softer lighting for an instant romantic effect.

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