Not Getting Enough Viewings?

Not Getting Enough Viewings?

July 11, 2017

Not Getting Enough Viewings?There’s no doubt that putting your home up for sale can be a stressful experience. If all goes well and you’ve put in the right plans, you should get people flocking to your door. For many, this is exactly what happens, but there are also those who don’t get the viewings they initially hoped for.

There can be a range of reasons for this, including the area you live in and the current state of the housing market. If you’re worried about viewings, here are just a few things you need to check that could well get more people interested.

Selling Price

One of the big things that homeowners should consider is the selling price. It’s the first place you need to look when you don’t find the interest you expected. Check your price with other, similar houses in the area and adjust where necessary. Potential buyers have a lot more information at their fingertips nowadays and tend to do their research – after all, it’s a big investment. If they think you are over-priced for the area, they are less likely to ask for viewing.

Choose a Good Agent

The next question to ask is: Is your estate agent doing their job? Most high streets nowadays still have a range of different agents, as well as the ones online, and picking the best one for your property is vital. You should at least make sure you get three valuations and check the background of your estate agent before you decide to take them on board. It’s not just their current portfolio that should attract your attention but how they are likely to deal with potential buyers.

Professional Photos

Of course, you can improve your chances of getting more viewings by sprucing up your property. A lot of potential buyers tend to search online first, so the images you provide of your home are going to be highly important. It might seem simple to take a few snaps with your smartphone but getting professional images done can be well worth the investment.

Curb Appeal

Start with looking at your front of house – many potential buyers will quickly dismiss your home if you don’t have at least some kerb side appeal. Does your garden need a little more colour? Is it time to put a lick of paint on the facias or do you need to simply clean the windows? Any renovations that make the outside look more appealing is money that has been well spent.

De-Personalise & De-Clutter

Cluttered homes can be quite off-putting and can make it difficult for potential buyers to see themselves living there. A clean, tidy property that has a certain amount of homeliness usually attracts more interest than one that is either empty or lacks personality or is simply too messy. In essence, you need to show that someone lives there but also give buyers the opportunity to see the possibilities for themselves. This is not easy but a good estate agent should be able to advise and guide you on the best approach.

If you aren’t getting as many viewings as you think you deserve, standing back and reviewing what you’ve done so far can be an immense help. Sometimes, a few simple changes can make an enormous difference.

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