How Your Spare Room Could Help Sell Your Property

How Your Spare Room Could Help Sell Your Property

July 3, 2017

How Your Spare Room Could Help Sell Your PropertyAny person selling their home wants to get the best price on the market. Paying special attention to the value-added extras your property offers potential buyers is therefore important. One area that can add buyer appeal is the spare bedroom. Unfortunately, it’s a space that many of us fail to utilise properly.

If you currently use your spare room for all the stuff you can’t find a place for, it might be time to have a clear out and make the most of all that potential. Decluttering and decorating this area can make a significant difference when people come to view your property. Ideally, you want to outline its potential for any prospective buyer and even give them the chance to see this opportunity when they come for a viewing.

Convert it to a Home Office

With many people now working from home, converting your spare room into an office can be a great selling point when you put your property on the market. Young professionals will often need a space to get on with extra work or do their CPD and it’s easy to convert a spare room – all you need is a good desk and a computer, with a few shelves, to create the right atmosphere.

Create a Children’s Playroom

If your property is likely to appeal to families or those hoping to start one, particularly first-time buyers, converting that space into a child’s playroom is another option. Again, it’s fairly simple to demonstrate the potential by laying down some clean wood flooring, decorating the walls in a funky way and putting down some boxes of toys.

Get Fit with a Home Gym

We’re all trying to get fit in one way or another and a spare room has great possibilities for installing a home gym. You don’t have to invest in a large amount of equipment – a cheap and cheerful bench with some weights or a cycling machine, along with brightly coloured walls can be just enough to show the true potential. A lot of people don’t like to put themselves on show at the local gym and the membership can cost plenty of money, so a space in your home that can be converted may be just what they are looking for.

The Perfect Guest Bedroom

Of course, many people like a spare room for when friends and family come to stay. This is usually the simplest option when you are putting your house on the market and only needs a bed and a wardrobe to make it look good.

The key to transforming your spare room when you decide to sell your home is to give viewers an idea of the possibilities. You don’t really know what potential buyers are going to want to do with it but certainly decluttering and some sprucing up is in order if you want to create the right impression. A few props here and there can certainly add buyer appeal rather than leaving the space empty and devoid of personality.

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