Curtains or Blinds? How to Decide Which Your Room Should Have

Curtains or Blinds? How to Decide Which Your Room Should Have

July 14, 2017

Curtains or Blinds? How to Decide Which Your Room Should HaveWhen looking to redesign a room, one of the areas that people tend to overlook until the last minute is the windows. The choice between curtains or blinds used to be less difficult. In recent years, however, the range of brilliant blinds on the market has made them a much more popular choice for many homeowners.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all kinds of window dressing including curtains and blinds. Your choice is important for both setting the atmosphere of any room but can also have an impact on aspects such as energy efficiency and light reduction.

The Sitting Room

This used to be a given – curtains are normally the go to option and this traditional approach is generally used by most home owners. You can find a lot of flexibility for curtains, particularly for areas such as bay windows where you can add pelmets and other trimmings to dress the room. The different fabrics available also mean you can get curtains that improve the warmth and comfort of your living room during the winter.

Having said that, however, you shouldn’t completely dismiss the possibility of blinds in this area. You can install a range of blind types that easily add a lot of style to your room, including wooden slats and continental style shutters. They are good for open plan rooms that have a lot of space and light and you can also get motorised models that can be lowered at the press of a button.

The Kitchen and Bathroom

Because of the nature of these areas, blinds are traditionally the option that many home owners settle for. The windows tend to be smaller than in places like the living room or bedroom, and there is the question of keeping them clean. In the kitchen, you can get splashes from food and grease and other dirt floating in the air that can quickly degrade curtains. In the bathroom, you find steam and other problems. Blinds are generally easier to maintain in both these locations.

The Bedroom

As with living rooms, curtains are often the first choice when it comes to the bedroom. Blinds, however, are becoming increasingly popular and if you want to have complete darkness during the day, for example if you work nights, they are much more efficient. Curtains are better for areas such as kid’s rooms because they provide an excellent place to hide behind and have fun.

Small vs Large Rooms

A lot will depend on the size of your room and the effect that you want to achieve. Smaller rooms tend to benefit from blinds as they can often create the appearance of more space, particularly if you install them just below the ceiling. They also tend to look a lot tidier in smaller rooms and are easier to maintain.

For larger rooms, there is a now a big choice of diverse types of blinds and curtains. A lot will depend on your personal preference. Curtains work in most circumstances but blinds certainly have their place and are excellent if you are going for a modern, light and airy approach. As always, you need to consider which window dressing you include in conjunction with the total design of your room rather than in isolation.

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