5 Things You Can’t Live Without in a Family Home

July 18, 2017

5 Things You Can’t Live Without in a Family HomeOne thing many parents don’t consider when they decide to have a family is what those pesky kids are going to do to the home. While babies look ever so cute at first, once they start to grow and become curious, and a lot more mischievous, they can play havoc with everything from your walls and floors to your furniture.

It pays to plan once you decide to bring kids into the world and here are just five things about your home you might like to seriously consider.

  1. Semi-Gloss for Kid’s Walls

There’s something about wall space and crayons that kids find utterly irresistible. There hasn’t been a parent in the world who hasn’t walked into a room and found their pride and joy playing Michelangelo with the wall.

One solution would be not to allow them near paint and pens until they are old enough to use them responsibly. Making sure that you decorate certain walls in semi-gloss or satin is a whole lot easier, however. These are simple to wipe down and clean if your little one decides to exhibit their artistic side.

  1. The Right Flooring in the Right Place

Flooring is another thing you need to consider carefully when you start a family. Easy to clean and maintain should be the order of the day without, of course, compromising on style. Putting down vinyl floors is one solution that many go for. You can then soften the design with some nice but easily cleaned rugs. Carpet tiles can often be a better choice than full carpets as individual squares can be lifted out and cleaned if an accident happens.

  1. Tiling in the Bathroom

Kids in the bathroom and mess go together perfectly. Whether that’s spraying toothpaste across the walls or splashing themselves silly in the bath, you need to make it easy to clean and maintain. That means, of course, having tiles on the walls which are simple to wipe down and a water-resistant flooring which bath spills won’t soak into.

  1. Safe Furniture

Never underestimate the variety of ways that a kid can hurt themselves even in the safety of your home. Try to look at the environment from your child’s point of view and you’ll soon spot the hazards and be able to reduce the risks.

  1. Plenty of Storage

Finally, one thing you’ll need with a bunch of kids running around the place is plenty of storage. There’s no doubt that those toys, clothes, books and other things will build up rapidly once you have kids on board. It not only means you need to have more cupboard space but some plastic storage containers can be absolute lifesavers in helping to keep things tidy.

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