6 Uses for Baby Wipes You Never Knew About

6 Uses for Baby Wipes You Never Knew About

June 28, 2017

6 Uses for Baby Wipes You Never Knew About

Most of us never considered buying baby wipes until we had a baby, but before we knew it, they were indispensable. Not only do they make changing nappies phenomenally easier, they are possibly the handiest thing you can have laying around the house. Aside from making changing a baby’s bottom a breeze and making short work of sticky little hands and faces, here are 6 uses for baby wipes that you may not have known about;

 Mark Remover – Fantastic at getting rid of deodorant or makeup marks off clothing, definitely a lifesaver after wriggling into that little black dress! Baby wipes are also amazing at getting those accidental spills out of carpets and upholstery. Whether its blotting up milk or removing sticky fingerprints of the sofa, baby wipes have got you covered.

Keyboard Cleaner – We all know that you mustn’t get your keyboard wet, yet a dry cloth just isn’t going to cut it. Bring on the baby wipes! Just right for getting rid of the grubbiness of your keyboard without having to worry about damage from moisture.

Shoe Shine – baby wipes are fantastic at cleaning up white trainers, but equally they are great at giving your leather shoes a quick shine. No messy shoe polish and your shoes will be clean and gleaming in a flash.

Car Mate – Cleaning the dashboard takes mere seconds with a couple of baby wipes, and if you have little ones that put muddy shoes up the back of your front seats, baby wipes making cleaning this up a doddle too. They also come in handy if a bird leaves a little something for you on your windscreen!

Art Remover – Nothing gets rid of paint, pen, crayon and pencil from virtually any surface as easily as a baby wipe. You name it; door frames, wooden flooring, walls, cupboards, carpets and upholstery, if anything can get it off, it’ll be a baby wipe.

Make-Up Remover – Many women swear that baby wipes are better than traditional makeup remover, especially when it comes to black eyeliner and even waterproof mascara. Do be careful if you’ve sensitive skin, though of course you can even get sensitive baby wipes

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