How to Create a Great Impression as a landlord

May 9, 2017

How to Create a Great Impression as a landlordIf you look at being a landlord as a business, that makes your tenants your customers. As with any business, the better service that you provide, the happier your customers will be. Not only will they be more likely to remain your customer for longer, they will also more than likely tell others how great their experience has been with you.

As with all businesses, landlords that are willing to go a little ‘above and beyond’ will build a great reputation that will allow them to attract and keep good tenants and also attract new ones. As a landlord, the kind of customers you want are good, long term tenants and this will save you lots of time that could be taken up with things like maintenance issues and chasing rent payments. We have put together a few things that you can do to create a great impression as a landlord;

  • Make your tenants feel welcome. Put together a welcome pack of useful information, including local amenities, shops and parks. Write them a welcome letter containing any special instructions for heating utilities and let them know when bin day is.
  • Small, helpful touches go such a long way. These gestures are inexpensive yet will mean the world to your new tenants. Simple things like popping loo rolls in the toilet along with some liquid soap and some kitchen towel in the kitchen will be gratefully noticed by tenants on move-in day when they need the loo and have no idea which box the loo rolls are in, or where the nearest shop is.
  • Keeping things friendly yet professional is very important. Remember, tenants, are your customers, not your friend. Dress smartly when you attend appointments and make sure to stick to what has been set out in your tenancy agreement. Be responsive to queries and maintenance requests, this not only keeps your tenant happy but avoids costly DIY repairs.
  • Get online. So many of us utilise online review websites, tenants are no different. Utilising review websites such as Resident Review and The Tenants Voice will be very reassuring to people looking to rent from you. By following these guidelines, you’ll have many happy tenants that are happy to leave you a review.
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