Buying a property? Decide what you need vs what you want

February 20, 2017

Buying a new home involves navigating through a multitude of choices, compromises and decisions. As there are so many different aspects to consider when looking for that special place it’s vital to differentiate what you  desire from a property and what you absolutely need, as the reality for most prospective buyers is that their budget is unlikely to stretch to achieve both.

By having a clear plan of where you are prepared to compromise and what features are absolute musts at the outset, before you even begin any viewings will make the process a lot simpler.  Finding a home that you love and can imagine yourself living in can easily be achieved, but if you can’t afford it, then all of the lovely features that attract you to it are irrelevant. Do be prepared to be flexible with your priorities – many people find that their priorities change as they go through the buying process, particularly if you have viewed a number of properties and are being challenged to find ‘the one’. Talk to the estate agent about which must haves on your list are making your search challenging within your budget and consider re-prioritising if needed.

Considerations such as locality to desired schools and how many bedrooms you need are often crucial for families. Location can be especially important for work and kids. Making sure you are close to work makes traveling much easier and less expensive, and location of good schools is important if you have or plan to have, children. If being in a particular school catchment is a mandatory then be absolutely sure that the property does in fact fall within it. Rightmove has a school checker tool  for advertised properties which details by postcode which schools a property will fall in catchment for. It should be noted though that you should always do further investigation with the relevant local authorities if a particular school catchment is a crucial factor. Websites such as Property Detective  provide a range of free information and paid-for reports which can assist when considering must have / nice to have priorities for a particular property.

It’s easy to get lost in the dream when house hunting so it’s important to keep a level head and make sure your potential new home will suit everyone and that it has all the things needed to make it a perfect home for you. If you would like to find your next home visit to find a list of available properties for sale. Alternatively contact one of our local offices to discuss your family’s buying needs.


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