Delays in reporting repairs are costing landlords thousands

January 16, 2017

Delays by tenants in reporting maintenance and repairs issues is costing landlords thousands, recent research by LV= shows. Of those asked, 37% of renters admitted to thinking that it was okay to wait before reporting non-emergency repairs to their landlords. This means that by the time the landlord has a chance to carry out the repairs, the issue may well have worsened and be more expensive to put right. The study revealed that the annual cost to landlords for maintenance and repairs is a staggering £4.1 billion nationwide, which equates to around £2,360 per landlord.

With a quarter of all landlords looking after their properties themselves without the help of a property management company, they are reliant on tenants reporting any issues.  Tenants should be aware that the reporting of any issues could in fact be a condition of their tenancy and the landlord could be entitled to deduct funds from their deposit or even decline to renew the tenancy if they don’t.

Landlords can also avoid delays in reporting any problems by being very clear at the start of the tenancy how they would like any issues to be reported, such as email, phone or online reporting system and also what the tenants’ responsibilities are. By making clear what issues are their responsibility, what are yours as a landlord and the importance of reporting issues as soon as they arise, unnecessarily high maintenance costs can be avoided.

With both our landlords and tenants best interests at heart, most of the Northwood offices have made it incredibly easy for our tenants to report any issues with an online repairs reporting system called Fixflo. By simply locating the clickable ‘report a maintenance problem’ button on their local Northwood office website homepage, our tenants can report any issues quickly and conveniently.

You can find your nearest office >>> here.

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