10 ways to stay warm in your home and save money

January 17, 2017

With the second mildest Christmas day ever behind us but rapidly followed by freezing temperatures, ice and even ‘thunder snow’, it’s a winter that so far has been full of surprises. To help cope with any ‘artic turns’ we’ve put together some helpful tips for keeping your property warm and your costs low:

Closing your curtains – Definitely the best place to start!. According to research conducted by the University of Salford  closing the curtains can immediately reduce total heat loss by between 15 – 17%

Door curtains – hanging a curtain over any external doors will stop any draughts – you’d be surprised how much cold air can sneak in through letterboxes, pet doors and any other small gaps! ‘Sausage dog’ draught excluders can also be used to stop cold air getting in under the doors between rooms.

Invest in a rug – Many of us these days have wood or tiled flooring, which is great for keeping clean, but not so much for keeping warm! Using a large rug will stop any draughts coming though the floor, but will also keep your toes toasty too.

Radiators – Heat from your radiators not only goes into the room, but a significant percentage absorbed into the wall. Radiator reflector foil is claimed to stop this by up to 50% and only costs from as little as £5.99 for a 470mm x 4m roll. If you are renting and want to use the foil make sure that you don’t permanently mark or damage the walls. As a general rule furniture should’nt be backed up directly against a radiator and clothes should be dried on an airer instead of on the radiators to avoid condensation (and potential mould)

Timers and Thermostat – Programming your boiler to turn the heating on a little earlier when the cold weather hits it’s actually cheaper than putting it on full blast when you need it. For example, setting the heating to come on at normal temperature half an hour before you get up in the morning will mean the house is nice and warm when you get up as the boiler heats up at the same speed no matter what temperature the thermostat is set at.

Go retro and go flannel.  Flannel sheets may not be the cutting edge of fashion but they are a brilliant way to stay warm and cosy throughout the night no matter what temperature you set your thermostat to overnight.

Use your oven. A little unusual but absolutely free – when you have finished cooking simply leave your oven door open a fraction – but obviously only if it is safe to do so.

Bubble wrap your windows. If you have any windows that aren’t regularly seen then this is an ideal option. It’s not exactly pretty but can be incredibly efficient in preventing heat loss.

Close off unused rooms. There is no point heating a room that no one uses – furniture doesn’t get cold.

Put on a jumper. When tempted to turn the heating up a notch consider the option of putting on a jumper or a pair of ugg boots instead. It may sound slightly scrooge-like but it works

These may all seem like small things, but with heating making up 70% of the average household energy consumption, every little really does help!

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