Renting with confidence

August 30, 2016

Planning to move into a rented property can be confusing, especially if you’ve not had to do it before. There will be even more to think about if you are leaving one rented property and moving into to another. There are utilities to change and the check-out process to go through, not to mention ensuring […] View article >

The benefit of regular property inspections

August 25, 2016

Regular inspections of a rental property can benefit both the tenant and landlord. Although most landlords understand the importance of inspections at the start and towards the end of a tenancy, many feel uncomfortable or do not fully appreciate the benefits of conducting periodic inspections through-out the tenancy. From a landlords’ perspective, these inspections allow […] View article >

Northwood celebrates 21 years of growth within the private rented sector

August 24, 2016

Northwood started life in Portsmouth in 1995 offering customers a unique guaranteed rental income service called the Platinum Scheme, later to become our market-leading Guaranteed Rent offering. This innovative service proved a big hit with landlords and soon Northwood was expanding into Southampton, Milton Keynes and Northampton.   The timing was somewhat fortuitous, as the […] View article >

Northwood’s awesome foursome swim the channel

August 23, 2016

On Friday 19th August, Northwood UK’s awesome foursome finally got their slot to swim the English Channel. The determined group of four set off at 12.20am on Thursday morning and arrived at Cap Gris Nez at roughly 9.40am English time. The friends can now officially boast that they have completed the swim to France! The […] View article >

Staying legal in lettings – are you a compliant landlord?

August 19, 2016

It can be difficult, as a landlord, to know what your obligations are and what legislation applies to you. This is especially true if being a landlord is not your business, as shown by a report conducted by Kate Faulkner with the support of the TDS Charitable Foundation showed. The report highlighted that many landlords […] View article >

5 things that can be guaranteed about property for landlords

August 15, 2016

There is no doubt about it, we are living in uncertain property times! The era of “Brental” – where people decide to await the outcome of the EU “Leave” vote before buying, selling, or moving – is upon us, not to mention uncertainty about the economy, and landlord tax changes. Despite this, landlord sentiment remains […] View article >

Landlords – you need the right insurance

August 15, 2016

Decisions, decisions we all make them, a lot of them instantly but when it comes to insuring your property it’s worth spending a little bit of time to make sure you are correctly covered.  We all know we need insurance but do you know which insurance you need for your rental property?   Standard building […] View article >

De-cluttering your home for sale

August 12, 2016

De-Cluttering your Home for Sale If you’ve just decided to sell your home, the chances are you are now deciding on how to best present it to potential buyers. The single biggest (and free) job that you should undertake in order to make your property as appealing as possible is to declutter and to a […] View article >

Northwood Cardiff gains Rent Smart Wales accredition

July 29, 2016

All our 80 plus offices around the country are committed to professional standards – both those that are mandatory and those that they can voluntarily subscribe to, such as SAFEagent. In this regard, we are proud to announce that our Cardiff office is now an accredited agent of Rent Smart Wales. This scheme was introduced […] View article >

What’s fair when it comes to property Fair Wear and Tear?

July 27, 2016

Deciding what constitutes fair wear and tear in a rental property can become a bone of contention between tenants and landlords, as both may have different ideas of what ‘fair’ wear and tear actually is. There is no legal definition for this which makes it somewhat subjective. From a landlord’s point of view there are […] View article >