Step one to selling your property

December 7, 2016

Having made the decision to sell your property, it can be difficult to know what to do first! Before actually finding an agent and getting the ball rolling, decide what is most important to you in terms of speed of sale and the price that you are prepared to accept. It could be that you have a new job starting and  therefore time is of the essence, or perhaps time is less important than getting the right price or finding a reliable buyer that won’t let you down. Being clear upfront means that you can manage your own, your agent’s and your prospective buyer’s expectations in terms of how a sale might progress. The last thing that anyone wants is for a sale to fall through – something that is far more likley to happen if either party is unclear about their intentions and time frames.

Before you even get anyone in for a valuation you should have a good look around your property, with an objective eye, and decide how best to present your property for sale. There are bound to be a few repairs or touch ups that you just haven’t got around to yet, so now is the time to get onto them!

A fresh coat of neutral paint is worth considering, especially if you have particularly bold colours that may not have widespread appeal. Regardless of colour choices, a lick of paint – particularly in high traffic areas such as a hallway will freshen the place up and make it look well cared for.

De-cluttering and de-personalising your home costs nothing in monetary terms but can take time. When potential buyers view the property, they need to be able to see themselves living there and that can be difficult if your personality is firmly stamped  (and cluttered) everywhere.  Treat it as an opportunity to start packing early – the more empty space that you can highlight – demonstrating where all of their junk can fit – the better. If possible, move a few things into storage, remove any pieces of unnecessary furniture, box up some of your knick-knacks and family photos. Imagine you are presenting a blank, clutter-free canvas for someone else to stamp their personality on. Don’t go to the other extreme though and create a cold, sterile vibe.

Make sure that every room has a clearly defined function. For example, the spare room could be a home office, dressing room or bedroom, but not all three! If your dining room currently doubles as a home office, consider putting the computer out of sight and making the dining room stand out for what it is.

For more information on how to tempt propsective buyers, consult our ‘Guide to preparing your property for sale’ brochure

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