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September 23, 2016

Around 97% of U.K. landlords are not “professional” in the sense that they usually have a busy career and day job.  This means they don’t always have time to remain up to date with new regulations and this can end up costing them dearly.

New research by Direct Line Landlord Insurance reveals that one in seven renters have broken one or more rules outlined in their tenancy agreement. Over 25% of tenants admitted to not paying the rent on time – a problem which can of course be solved by using our Guaranteed Rent service.

However, for non-Guaranteed Rent landlords, a non-paying tenant may result in a legal process to regain possession of the property.

Private tenants are often advised by local councils and agencies to ignore eviction notices served by their landlords – and to wait until evicted by bailiffs – in order to qualify as homeless and thus eligible for a council property.

The latest findings from the National Landlords Association (NLA) reveal that the mean total cost of a tenant being advised to remain in a property is £6763 – a combination of unpaid rent and legal fees to gain possession of the property. This is a sum that many landlords can ill-afford.

In these cases, it is vital to get the correct legal advice, because getting it wrong can greatly increase the costs involved, the length of time to resolve, not to mention the emotional heartache and frustration that comes with that.

This is why we created Northwood Legal Services as a resource for landlords, whether you let through us or not.

In this short video, Mandy Chandler, who heads the department, gives an overview of the service.

Our in-house legal team are experts in Landlord & Tenant law and between them have in excess of 40 years’ experience of working in this area. Our team are fully trained and are up to date with current legislation.

We are here to help landlords through every step of the eviction process, ensuring that they can get on with their busy lives whilst we resolve the problem.

Our services include:

  • Service of notices
  • Issuing of legal proceedings
  • Obtaining & enforcing possession orders
  • Pursuing the outstanding debt

You can find out more about our Legal Services Department >>> here.

Contact details:

Legal Helpline on 01329 820420


Out team are standing by to assist and guide you!

Northwood is one of the largest and most recognised estate agents in the U.K. and the leading supplier of Guaranteed Rent to give landlords complete peace of mind.

Find us on Twitter @northwoodUK or visit our YouTube Channel.


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