The benefit of regular property inspections

August 25, 2016

Regular inspections of a rental property can benefit both the tenant and landlord. Although most landlords understand the importance of inspections at the start and towards the end of a tenancy, many feel uncomfortable or do not fully appreciate the benefits of conducting periodic inspections through-out the tenancy. From a landlords’ perspective, these inspections allow them to;

•             Carry out minor repairs before they become major

•             Check that the property is not being sub-let

•             Ensure the property is not being used for any criminal activity

•             Ensure that there is no unreported damage to the property


Landlords do have a right to enter the property, with the tenants’ permission, and with prior notice. How often these inspections should take place may vary depending on how long the tenants have been in the property, the type of tenants in situ, and also variances like age and general condition of the property. An older property, for example, may require more regular maintenance and repairs, compared to a relatively new-build.

Generally speaking though, a periodic inspection every three to six months allows the landlord to keep enough of an eye on the property without causing too much inconvenience to the tenant. Although some tenants view these inspections as invasive, there are ways in which they benefit too, such as;


  • The chance to bring up any maintenance questions or issues
  • The opportunity to build a good relationship by meeting with the landlord or agent face to face
  • Be made aware of any safety issues, e.g. inadvertently blocking vents etc.

The best way to ensure everyone is happy with the arrangement for periodic inspections is to be clear and upfront about the frequency of them before the tenancy commences. This makes sure that both parties are aware of what needs to happen and how often. At Northwood, we are always happy to advise landlords who may be unsure about periodic inspections and how often they should be doing them, or dependent on the level of landlord management service chosen, we can even take care of the whole process.

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