De-cluttering your home for sale

August 12, 2016

De-Cluttering your Home for Sale

If you’ve just decided to sell your home, the chances are you are now deciding on how to best present it to potential buyers. The single biggest (and free) job that you should undertake in order to make your property as appealing as possible is to declutter and to a certain extent, de-personalise. Those looking for a new home need to be able to visualise themselves living there, with their things and furniture, which can be hard if the property is brimming over with your personality. Knick-knacks, granny’s dresser, and every school photo since 1990 probably look fantastic and hold very special memories for you, but to a potential buyer, they are distracting.

What you want them to be able to do, is almost super-impose their lifestyle over your property, almost like a projector over a blank white wall. The best way to make sure potential buyers can pictures themselves creating a home in your property, is to declutter. Not to the point where the house has all life removed from it, of course. A teddy or two on a child’s bed instead of the usual menagerie that spills over to the floor, creeps out of the cupboard or hangs over the door  is enough to give a bedroom a bit of life without being overwhelming.

Tips for Decluttering Ready to Sell

Maximise the space – A buyer will want to see that there is plenty of space for them to grow into. This can be done by packing up and putting into storage anything that you don’t need to use for the next couple of months. Things like the bread-maker that occupies space on the kitchen counter, but rarely gets used or the juicer that currently takes up a whole cupboard to itself! Also, if you have a computer and desk in the dining room, consider, if possible packing it away too.


De-personalise – Your photos and bits and bobs hold your personal memories, and make your home what it is to you, but you want those viewing your home to see it as almost theirs. Pack these precious memento’s away safely ready to unpack your new home. This also goes for the bathroom, get rid of the empty shampoo bottles and fluffy loo seat cover. Consider also getting a plain white shower curtain and maybe a ‘for viewings only’ set of towels.



Storage is the Key – There will be lots of things in your home that you won’t miss for a couple of months. If it’s summer, for example, consider packing all the winter clothes into boxes and investing in an external storage unit for a few weeks. These are relatively inexpensive when you consider the cost of not being able to sell your home! Also handy for storing any pieces of unnecessary furniture, removing these will show potential buyers just how much space you really have.


An excellent advantage of decluttering is, by doing this for each room of your house, you’ll have far less to pack up when it comes to actually moving out!

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