Long eviction times causing landlords stress

July 4, 2016

There has been some alarming press coverage recently suggesting that County Court bailiffs, along with the courts themselves, can take up to 45 weeks to evict a tenant. According to Ministry of Justice figures, the statistics are based on possession claims for the first quarter on 2016. Clearly, these long time-frames to regain possession of a rental property are a cause of concern for landlords.

Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action advises that if you need to evict a tenant, act fast and seek professional advice on the steps you need to take to ensure that there is no chance of your case is thrown out at court. He believes that too many landlords try to do it themselves and end up wasting months before finding themselves right back at the start of the process.

Mandy Chandler, Head of Northwood Legal, concurs that landlords must be aware of potentially lengthy timeframes and make wise choices when deciding how to proceed when looking to evict a tenant:

“Whilst the headlines are alarming, if handled correctly we find that the timescales can be half of those quoted. In some cases we are able to gain possession for a landlord in as little as 12 weeks from start to finish of the court process. At Northwood, we support landlords and help them avoid the pain of evicting a tenant by offering our own legal service”

In our blog, “Evicting a tenant, getting the paperwork right“, I also advise that, if you need to evict a tenant yourself,  Northwood Legal Services can a provide service of the notice for just £50.00 plus VAT we also have great fixed prices on possession proceedings starting at from £395.00 plus VAT and disbursements.”

With Northwood’s Guaranteed Rent service, a landlord would avoid needing to take responsibility to evict a tenant by default as we guarantee to pay the rent on time every month, even if the tenant stops paying.  Through our rigorous vetting procedures, we have a very low rate of non-paying tenants across our network, but, in the unlikely event that one does occur, our Guaranteed Rent service landlords would not have to worry. Northwood would undertake the eviction process and cover the cost of doing so.

So, whichever level of interaction you have with Northwood, we are able to support landlords with advice and legal services to reduce landlord stress!

All our offices around the U.K. are committed to advising landlords throughout their property journey, bringing expert knowledge, contacts, and property management to support your investment and ensure that it flourishes.

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