Making your rental property a home (and keeping your deposit)

June 28, 2016

So you’ve signed all the paperwork, picked up the keys and have moved in, but it still doesn’t really feel like yours. Don’t worry, just because it’s rented, it doesn’t mean you can’t put your own stamp on it. Here are some clever ideas on how to make your rental a home, without losing your deposit!

Dandelion wall stickers by Wallboss

There are some great ideas out there for adding some pizazz to the walls of your rented home. Low adhesive wall stickers are a relatively new one, and are becoming more popular in the UK. They are a very quick and easy way to add some personality to your room, with a multitude of designs and styles to choose from.

Wallpaper can be used to brighten up any room, without even putting it on the wall! Using it to decorate a large bookcase, for example, immediately adds style. If you don’t have appropriate furniture to cover you may want to consider covering a screen or even a sheet of MDF instead, these are really effective and can simply be leant up against a wall.   Also using wallpaper in frames is a fantastic way to give a room some personality – make sure to use proper picture hooks and it’s best to first ask for landlord permission. It’s also a relatively inexpensive option as you can collect samples of wallpaper for free!

If you are prepared to put a little work into it, most landlords are happy for you to paint the walls a different colour, but do make sure you have written permission and be aware they may ask you to re-paint back to the original colour before you leave.

Of course, the easiest way to make your rental feel like home is to accessorise! A big bright rug can be used to cover the plain, neutral carpet that landlords tend to go for, changing a room from bland to grand in an instant!

Putting up some new light fittings is another quick and easy way to personalise a room and there so many choose from, from posh chandeliers to quirky paper lanterns, you’ll easily find something to jazz the place up no matter what your budget.

Ikea Maskros ceiling lamp

On a cautionary note, always discuss with your landlord or agent any changes you may want to make before proceeding. Most landlords are happy for you to personalise the property to some extent, just always make sure you have permission first. Other landlords may be reluctant to allow changes, especially with short term tenancies so make sure you find out up-front what you will, and won’t be allowed to do!

In a recent survey byProperty solicitors Slater and Gordon. it was found that stains on carpets (58 per cent) were the most common reason landlords and letting agencies gave for refusing to hand back a deposit, while chipped paint and damaged wall paper (54 per cent) or broken or damaged furniture (45 per cent) and broken or damaged windows represented (31 per cent) of reasons.

For further advice on what is and isnt likely to be ‘deposit-friendly’ when decorating, get in touch with your local Northwood office.

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