Breaking records for the Northwood Charitable Foundation

June 29, 2016

The Northwood Charitable Foundation was set up in 2013 after the tragic loss the Managing Director Nick Cooper, to pancreatic cancer. Over the last few years, the Foundation has raised funds for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund charity by doing  cycle rides, running marathons and even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

For the next fundraising event, Greg Wood, operations manager at Northwood, along with three friends, Paul Hancock, Stuart Parris and Jason Ransley, are doing something truly amazing and completely different. This fabulous foursome will be tackling the ‘Everest of Swimming’ by attempting to complete the fastest ever four-person relay swim from England to France.

All the guys are already super-fit, having taken part in numerous swimming events, competitions and triathlons but are now training extra hard to get in the 40/50km of swimming a week needed to reach their target. The team hope to reach the fundraising target of £7000 for the Northwood Charitable Foundation, whilst also beating the fastest time that the swim has ever been completed in of 8 hours 42 minutes. That’s a long time to be in the sea!

The guys will each swim for an hour at a time, in the same order, until they reach the sands of France. Only swimming goggles, swimming cap and a swimsuit are allowed to be worn according to CSA rules, and goose fat, which all four friends have declined!

Greg had this to say about how things are going;

“As a team we are all really keen to get on with the swim and smash the record for the fastest 4-person relay team! As with so many sports, the training is often the hardest part. With busy lives our training regularly sees us making a splash all over the country in a variety of pools, lidos, rivers and the sea –  Stuart’s even been sampling the facilities that California has to offer while away with work. One of the upsides of the training is refuelling the many 1000’s of calories that open water swimming burns ….Fish & Chips again tonight 😉 . On a personal note, the team and I want to thank all those who’ve supported the Northwood Foundation. It’s a great cause and knowing that there’s lots of people out there cheering us on from all over the country is a real morale booster.”

So when is it all happening? Due to the unpredictability of the channel, an exact date can’t be set, but the pilot and boat have been booked for the end of July, the week beginning the 25th. If you’d like to support this fantastic event, please click here for the Just Giving page.

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