Using your USP to sell your property for the best price

March 3, 2016

When it comes to selling your property for the best possible price, one thing to consider is to make the most of any unique selling points (USP) your property has.

A USP is something about your property that makes it stand out from the crowd and should be thought of as the very essence of what you are offering. Your USP needs to be so compelling that it can be used as a headline that attracts prospective buyers (and viewings).

The more viewings you get, the greater the chance you have of receiving multiple offers and getting the best possible sale price.

Here are Northwood, our sales experts will help you determine the USP of your property and how to market it to the maximum affect.

Location is still the single most important factor in the purchase decision, with many people choosing location over the actual property.  Factors that affect this decision are generally down to proximity to transport links, local schools, green spaces, leisure amenities, and low crime levels.

The appeal of the exterior of your property is a key influence.

New research from Barclays Mortgages reveals that the majority of house-hunters take just 10 seconds to decide whether they like a property from the outside, as one in six Brits admit to snap decision making.

A property’s ‘kerb appeal’ is determined by first impressions, so it is important to ensure that your property’s front garden is well-maintained and your front door is freshly painted with gleaming hardware.

Over a third (35 per cent) of property buyers make their decisions purely on a home’s exterior and won’t even venture inside if they’re unimpressed!

This comes as 53% admit that they would buy a property that looked appealing on the outside, even if the interior needed extensive redecoration. Conversely the research also found that almost half (44 per cent) of homebuyers would take up to 20% off a property’s asking price if an exterior was not appealing.

So it makes sense to invest a bit of time and money in preparing the exterior of your property for marketing.

When it comes to the interior, your property’s USP may be a home office, some original features, an open plan kitchen, or bedrooms with en-suites.

It is worth noting that it is almost always the woman in a partnership that makes the ultimate buying decision, so be sure to appeal to her in your property particulars. The most important rooms to the female are the kitchen and the bathrooms.  These should be spotlessly clean and well fitted and maintained.

Surprisingly, one USP is a room in the property that could do with some up-dating, such as a kitchen.  People like to know that they can put their own mark on a property, and they might be put off if they think they are going to have to rip out your expensive new tiles that do not suit their taste!

A simple, but well maintained garden can also give a prospective buyer a blank canvas to create their own little paradise.

New research by conveyancer My Home Move found that 56 per cent of buyers make their final decision based on whether they have fallen in love with the property and the below list was complied by asking them the 3 top things that influence their buying decision:

Location 58%
Price 37%
Garden 29%
Interior 15%
Living area 13%
Kitchen 8%
Master bedroom 7%
Exterior 7%
Natural light 7%
Architecturally interesting 5%
Beautifully decorated 3%
Fireplace 2%
Flooring 1%
Walls 1%
Street name 1%

Courtesy Daily Mail

Your marketing should also point out opportunities where a new owner could add future value – such as potential for loft conversion, or potential for side extension or extend over the garage (subject to planning permission of course).

Your sales team at your local Northwood Office will help you understand how best to present your property to the market and then create compelling sales particulars that will highlight its best features and give you the best chance of achieving the maximum price.

A good place to start is with our new and FREE On-line valuation tool.

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