It’s a spooktacular property!

October 21, 2015

Potential buyers and tenants will often get a “feel” for a property when they walk through the door, but it appears that some believe that they have ended up with more than the bricks and mortar when they have purchased a property.

Across the UK one in seven people believe they live in a haunted home* with around half admitting to feeling a ‘supernatural presence’.

And when it comes to deciding whether to move in to a property or not, the UK population is seemingly quite superstitious:

  • Just over one third surveyed said that they wouldn’t live in a house where someone had died
  • A quarter would not move into a house near a graveyard
  • 10% would resist moving into a house or flat with the ‘number 13’

Further research** based on property prices and sales across the country reveal that a home associated with the number 13 can expect to sell for £6,500 less than their next door neighbour. Interestingly some councils’ across the country have even gone as far as not having a number 13 on their street altogether, with figures showing that around 28 per cent of UK streets have a number 13 missing.

So for those who don’t mind walking under ladders, aren’t concerned about opening an umbrella inside or crossing on the stairs, there are definitely financial benefits when it comes to buying a property with the number 13 above the letter box. And if you can convince your council to change your house number then you may be £6,500 richer for it when you come to resell it – unless of course a ghost takes up residence in the interim!

*Ocean Finance survey, 2014,

** Mail Online survey

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