How much is your wardrobe worth?

April 7, 2015


Lucy Turner, Relationship Manager at Northwood Insurance Services, gives some useful information about how you can protect the cost of your wardrobe with your contents insurance policy.

Most people will underestimate what they have in their wardrobe. This often leads to undervaluing the contents – which could leave you underinsured. With designer handbags and expensive footwear, the average UK household spends £1,217* on fashion and clothing each year. Yet some don’t think to add their wardrobe belongings to their contents insurance, focusing instead on the bigger items, TVs, cameras etc.

Here’s a list of five items usually found in a man’s wardrobe and the average costs – you may be surprised!

Trainers: £65

Jeans: £40

Suit: £150

Shirt: £25

Shoes: £65

This already totals over £300, a cost that you won’t want to pay out of your own pocket if you were subjected to an unfortunate event, such as fire, theft or flood.

In the unfortunate event that something should happen to where you live, you will want to be able to bounce back to your most fashionable self as quickly as possible. The simplest way is to make sure you have the correct level of insurance cover in place, so that you are adequately protected in the event of a claim.

What to do next…

  • Spend some time totting up the costs of the contents in your wardrobe, and what it would cost you to replace your entire clothing collection.
  • If you decide the cost is significant enough that you want to make sure you are fully covered, contact your insurer and ask about adding your wardrobe contents to your policy.
  • If you have any significant designer collections, such as a couture collection, document this with your insurer and take pictures with your camera or smart phone.
  • It is also a good idea (if you still have them) to keep receipts of substantial purchases.


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