Tenant Insurance – how much cover do I really need?

March 6, 2015

Lucy Turner, Relationship Manager at Northwood Insurance Services, gives some helpful tips on how you can protect your belongings with a tenants’ contents insurance policy.

When it comes to tenants contents insurance it isn’t just a case of click and buy, your insurer will ask how much cover you actually want. If you tally up everything you own inside the house then that should give you the right figure. Or in other words your contents insurance should cover everything you would take with you if you moved house, including the furniture, electronics, soft furnishings that you own.

Why do I need Tenant Contents Insurance?

It would be an expensive process to replace everything you own out of your own pocket if it all got damaged, remember tenants’ contents insurance doesn’t just cover you for burglaries. It also covers you for potentially devastating events such as floods and fires. Whilst nothing can take away the emotional stress and upset caused by these sorts of scenarios, however as long as you have got the right cover at the right amount, replacing all of your belongings should be as quick and easy as possible.

How do I work it out?

Figuring out just how much it would cost to replace all of your contents can be a difficult process, but it is important to have the right level of cover just in case. To make it as simple as possible you can split the process of tallying up your contents into 5 sections, laid out for you below. All you need to do is estimate how much it would cost for you to replace all of your household items and add up the total cost at the end.

Remember tenants contents insurance only applies to the items you own and have moved in to the landlord’s house. This is not an exhaustive list and there may be some items that are in the house but belong to your landlord i.e. curtains, fridge – these should not be included in your tenants contents cover. It is important to document this list and where possible it is helpful to take pictures of items with a camera or a smart phone. Pictures could come in very handy if you ever need to make a claim as they capture the finer detail of items –  model of the TV, number of DVDs etc.

Living Room

  •  Furniture  – sofas, tables, bookcase
  • Television
  • DVD player + DVDs
  • Games consoles + games


  • Fridge
  • Appliances (kettle, toaster etc)
  • Kitchenware (pots, pans, cutlery etc)

 Dining room

  • Furniture
  • Crockery/cutlery


  • Furniture – bed, wardrobe, drawers
  • Computer/TV/iPod/DVD player
  • Soft furnishings  – cushions, linen


  • Garden furniture
  • Gardening equipment (mowers, trimmers etc)
  • Bikes

*Check with your insurer that your policy covers items outside the home

You may also want to include the cost of items such as ornaments, vacuum cleaner, prams, toys and games. Check with your insurer what is and isn’t covered on your policy, you may want to arrange additional covers such as wardrobe and jewellery cover.

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