Why styling your property before you sell makes sense

February 11, 2015

Katherine Woods founder of Roostreet Interior Design explains why investing in the services of a Property Stylist could help you to achieve the price that you are looking for when selling your home.



You might think Property Styling is solely for properties with a £500,000+ price tag. If so, you’d be wrong.

What is it exactly?

Property styling is the art of selling an aspirational lifestyle associated with a property. It’s the Property Stylist’s job to help ‘tell a story’ to highlight the positive features and play down any negatives.

Over 90% of property searches today start online so when a would-be buyer starts their search, every property is viewed, compared, saved or dismissed with the simple click of a mouse or tap of a screen. You therefore need that person to have an immediate emotional connection with the property to motivate them to go on and book a viewing.  And the statistics get even more interesting – once someone arrives for a viewing, people will take on average 25 minutes and 30 seconds* to decide that they want to buy, so from the seller’s perspective the pressure is on to get it right.


This lovely home has a stunning view but the eye is drawn to the bowl of fruit, the bin and the right hand wall. The area needs a purpose (somewhere to read) and by opening the doors and dressing the outside you suddenly create a lifestyle!





What does house styling involve?

Many people have lovely possessions but are just not sure about how to display them in order to create the best ‘look’ or ‘style’ for a photograph or viewing. It’s often a case of re-arranging rather than spending a small fortune on new things that you don’t really need.

A Property Stylist’s skills are based on understanding what your potential buyer is looking for – the lifestyle that they aspire to even if they aren’t already enjoying it!. Coffee on the patio with the doors wide open, not a soul in sight and the sun shining down . . . sell them the dream and your 90% of the way there to selling them the property!

Even taking a picture from a different angle can make all the difference – the telegraph pole disappears, add some seasonal plants, dress the table, wait until the sun shines and even pimp your pet!

When it comes to viewings you need to treat your house like a hotel (I know, I know, your parents always said don’t!) Imagine everything as you would expect to find it when paying for somewhere to stay; immaculately clean and tidy, a beautifully made bed, clean folded towels, brand new soap and not with dirty plates or toiletries left from the previous guests. It’s the same with your property. Think of it as a hotel that someone is going to ‘stay’ in for the next few years, potentially the rest of their lives!

How much does it cost?

Property styling prices vary in line with the expertise of the provider and the level of detail that they get involved. As a guide expect to pay an initial consultation fee of £50 -150 where the stylist will take an objective view and advise you on how best to present your home in the most favourable light in a very competitive market. Of course, many stylists will offer to do the job (or part of the job) for you, and if you’re short on time and can afford to, it’s well worth the additional investment

A simple de-clutter and a different angle

 So why use a Property Stylist?

It’s a return on investment – people are less likely to start negotiating on price if they already have a strong emotional attachment to the property. The faults are more likely to be ignored unless major,  and most importantly an eager buyer will always make for a speedier sale.


For more information on property styling contact Katherine at katherine@roostreet.co.uk or visit www.roostreet.com

* Barratt Homes Research 2014

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