Should I renovate or simply de-clutter when selling?

November 6, 2014

Every home owner wants to achieve the maximum possible selling price when they put their property on the market.

It’s tempting to do some extra work in order to add additional value, however research conducted by HSBC makes for some very interesting reading about the average cost vs returns achievable when various projects are undertaken:

In contrast to the big spend options above, more recent research by Big Yellow Storage highlighted much simpler, quicker and cheaper options for gaining a higher sales price.

The research revealed that:-

  • 95% of estate agents agree that a de-cluttered property will sell for more
  • 66% of sellers who de-cluttered believe they received a higher offer –  on average £4,811 for their efforts
  • 43% of buyers claimed they made a higher offer if the was property was de-cluttered

The list of recommended tasks is pretty intuitive, but can sometimes be forgotten in the excitement of getting the property on the market. Ideally home owners should de-clutter before they get an estate agent in so that you can agree a sensible asking price based on what you have done rather than what you intend to do . The list includes:

  • Placing a mirror strategically to create the illusion of space and light (£947)
  • Removing a door (£930)
  • Taking down family photos (£921)
  • Removing a sofa (£826)
  • Removing a dining room table (£812)

Conversely the main turn-offs for buyers include:

  1. Evidence of smoking in the house (32%)
  2. A cluttered array of ornaments on display (26%)
  3. Pet smells  (26%)
  4. Kitchen appliances cluttering work tops (22%)
  5. Rooms crowded with furniture (22%)
  6. Dirty dishes or food left out (19%)
  7. Unmade beds (15%)
  8. Pets living in the house (15%)
  9. Overflowing washing basket (12%)
  10. Overflowing wardrobes/cupboards (12%)

So when it comes to selling your home, the old adage of “less is more” really does appear to hold true when presenting your house to potential buyers.

Northwood’s sales division is growing and our M.D. Eric Walker explains why:

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