Kilimanjaro team reach the summit in support of the Northwood Charitable Foundation

October 3, 2014

We are delighted to report that Team Northwood have reached the summit of Kilimanjaro at sunrise this morning!

They were climbing in support of the Northwood Charitable Foundation and have a sponsorship target of £15,000 which they are tantalisingly close to hitting

Team Northwood sent back this message:

“Team all made it to the summit! We climbed for NINE hours – SIX of which were in total darkness. We watched the sunrise. It was the toughest thing ever. Now another 5 hours descending. We are all absolutely shattered!!”

Eric Walker, M.D. of Northwood commented:

“The entire Northwood network is behind the team and we are all delighted that they made it to the summit safely.

However, this is not the end of the activities, it is just the beginning.  We aim to raise £20,000 to celebrate and coincide with Northwood’s 20th birthday!

We believe that supporting worthy causes is an important part of our culture as a company while also maintaining the legacy and memory of our late colleague, Nick Cooper, who died of pancreatic cancer in August 2013”.

It’s not too late to support the Kilimanjaro team and their fundraising efforts – you can donate now by visiting our Just Giving page.

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