Marketing Matters

June 25, 2012


Northwood’s UK Marketing Manager Melissa Willams explains why marketing matters.

The core to any letting agent is its business practices and processes. Without professionalism, expertise and knowledge of the market, a company will not provide landlords with the services that they require or attract the tenants needed to fill their properties

Gone are the days when marketing was just a way of selling more of a product or service. Brand is integral to a company’s reputation and image: managed well it can create a win:win:win for landlords, tenants & the letting agent – the right type of tenants will be flocking to live in the properties; landlords will have confidence in the business and the company will continue to grow.

And when I say “brand”, I’m not just referring to a company’s logo and colour scheme; it runs much deeper than that. Brand encompasses what the company stands for: its values and beliefs, a company’s people and the service they provide. Brand is something that is ingrained in every level of the company.

At Northwood, our people embody the brand. ‘Integrity’, ‘professionalism’, ‘expertise’, ‘– we take pride in them all as core brand attributes but we perhaps take more pride in the fact that our people live and breathe these values. Our people are the biggest, most effective brand ambassadors we could ever hope to have. They bring the brand to life and in doing so, pass on the Northwood brand experience to our landlords and tenants.

It’s for this reason we have adopted the line ‘the proper property people’. This reflects the huge emphasis we place on choosing the ‘right’ people to work with, whether it is the franchisee that runs the Northwood office, the letting agent who is responsible for managing the properties on a day to day basis. We make it a priority to work ONLY with straight-talking, honest professionals who are genuinely capable of guiding and helping every type of landlord, tenant, buyer and seller. Not everyone can become a member of the Northwood team – it takes a special person. And once they’re on board, we invest time and effort in training. In fact, we recently became the first property company in the UK to achieve Edexcel Registered Centre status, which is testament to how much importance we place on training and development offering.

This means that if you choose to let your property with Northwood you can guarantee that the service you receive will be professional, honest and with your best interests in mind throughout the process. This approach has been instrumental in Northwood’s success. Since its inception in 1995, we have taken a ‘quality not quantity’ approach to building the network and the brand and we now count over 9,000 satisfied landlords on our books.

2012 has seen Northwood take a fresh look at marketing. But it’s not a case of “out with the old, in with the new”. With the advent of the digital age, we’ve shifted the focus of our PR to encompass social media, we’re investing in national TV advertising for the first time and we’re in the process of refreshing our visual identity. But while it may be a new approach, it’s still based on those good old-fashioned values of integrity, professionalism and expertise that Northwood has become known for.

We look forward to revealing our new look in the coming months.

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