What level of Landlord insurance do you need?

February 2, 2012

Landlords who are renting out their former home should always upgrade from their standard home insurance or they could find that their policy is voided.  Whilst many Landlords may think that finding the right Landlord insurance policy is complicated and confusing, we have compiled a checklist that should help you to make an informed choice about what level of cover you require:

  • Is the premium postcode related or not? Flat rates are often more favourable for rental properties
  • Is accidental damage by the tenants covered? This is can often be an optional extra at additional cost.
  • Is malicious damage by tenants covered? Examples of this are doors kicked in, carpets ripped up etc. Again this can often be an optional extra at additional cost.
  • What are the conditions attached to the policy when your property is unoccupied? Some policies reduce the level of cover automoatically after 7 days of unoccupancy and / or have onerous conditions regarding the need for inspection of the property, minimum security requirements, notifying the police, etc.
  • Is Subsidence cover included?
  • Is Flood cover included?
  • Is the theft of Landlord furnishings by the tenant covered? For most Landlord policies it isnt, so if the tenants take the fridge, a bed etc and there is no sign of a break in, then most policies wont cover it.
  • Will loss of rent be covered following damage to the property? If it is included, is it just for the length of the repairs or until it is relet?
  • Will the cost of re-letting your property after damage be covered?
  • What level of Landlord liability is covered? Insurers are finding that the number of claims and damages awarded for injuries to tenants are on the increase.


Like most home insurance policies, landlord  insurance usually comes in bundled packages – offering basic cover plus add-on options for an extra premium. It is therefore important to consider the full cost of the policy being offered. Many policies that appear cheap upfront are often ultimately not once the added extras are added in.

Northwood Landlord insurance provides protection for your investment at competitive premiums.

Benefits includes:

  • A flat rate premium
  • Accidental damage by tenants covered as standard
  • Malicious damage by tenants covered as standard
  • The policy is valid for up to 45 days between lets
  • Theft of Landlord furnishings & contents without forcible or violent entry / exit is covered, providing furnishings cover is requested. For a property let out as furnished this benefit can be highly beneficial
  • The cost of re-letting the property is covered following damage
  • £5,000,000 Property Owners Liability

This is intended as a very brief summary, for full details we recommend you refer to the relevant policy documentation. For a full insurance quote on your property, please contact the Insurance Consultant at your local Northwood office

Northwood Landlord Insurance is underwritten by Aviva nsurance Limited and arranged  by Jelf Clarke Roxburgh. Registered in England number 04990802

Northwood Insurances Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (452493)


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