Will it snow? Is your property ready for the blasts of winter?

December 1, 2011

Last year’s severe winter wreaked havoc for houses across the country. The estimated bill for burst pipes alone was estimated at £75m a week over the worst of the winter blast.

Regardless of whether you choose to believe the various forecasts for this winter based on our mild temperatures to date, it is always good practise to ensure your property is fully prepared for the winter ahead.

Our top  recommendations for winter-proofing your rental property are:

Clear gutters & repair any leaking joints

Check & repair any broken fencing

Check that any roof slates, eaves, fascia’s & soffits are in a good condition

Get any leaking taps fixed

Make sure all pipes are lagged properly

Ensure the central heating system has had its annual check

Ensure empty properties are checked regularly


Northwood customers on our Platinum & Gold schemes already benefit from regular property inspections and ongoing full maintenance support. This enables Landlords to avoid getting involved in many of the pre-winter jobs that may arise. When problems do arise, we are the ones who deal directly with the tenants.   If we arrange the work for you, we’ll give you have a copy of the invoice and deduct the amount from your next monthly payment, for no extra charge.

We also advise that you check your buildings and contents insurance is up to date & covers your rental property for any cold weather damage. It is wise to keep the documents readily available if they are needed in any emergency. The Northwood Landlord insurance is designed specifically for rental properties.  There are a number of features of the policy included as standard that many other insurers do not cover such as both accidental and malicious damage caused by tenants, theft of Landlord furnishings and the cost of re-letting. For further information on our competitive rates (our premiums are not postcode related!) or further detail, please contact your local Northwood office.


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